See I still apparently know how to work this thing.  I like to keep everyone guessing as to when the next post will be and since more than one person has asked for an update I thought it time.  Something light and easy to jump back into the waters:

Last Monday at lunch time I went to my ‘regular’ gas station in Fullerton to fill-up the old SUV, I won’t say how much that costs – I don’t want to scare anyone, anyway, my regular gas station was closed – yellow taped-off in fact.  I didn’t have enough time to find another one so I drove back to school.  On my way home I meandered over toward East Fullerton to find a gas station and found what has to be a rarity in the world of gas stations these days: a full service pump!  That’s right, you could pull right in and have the nice service station employees fill’er’up and check under the hood.  I was in such shock I took a photo of the price board, certainly not my best photographic work (it’s a camera phone, sorry).  I’m not sure if you will be able to see, but the full service price was a full $2 higher across the board than self-serve. Yeah, those are 5’s that start the prices in the right column!

Full Service?

 Oh, and apparently in the last fifty years technology has not improved to identify cars coming into the station the the good ‘ole black tube leading to the bell inside:

For Whom the Bell Tolls?

UPDATE (15 Apr 08, 1221):  How careless of me!!  As has been pointed out by commenters, I didn’t conclude the story and tell you whether or not I went for the full-service.  I splurged a little and paid the mere extra $2 a gallon to have my windows washed and a quick check under the hood.  Of course, I didn’t!!!  It was $2 more per gallon!!!  I can’t believe that any of you actually thought that I would have.  I hope I don’t strike you all as that crazy!