Those of you that know me well will know that when the water cooler or other idle chit-chat has turned to American Idol I have bowed out of the conversation.  I’ve actually taken it as a personal point of pride and would say that I was the only American left that hadn’t watched the show.  Well, since I have moved back home that has changed.  My mom has been an avid Idol watcher, much like everyone else, nearly since it began.  So sitting here at home watching TV in the living room with the parents I have been slowly sucked in over the past couple of weeks and was, yes I’ll admit it, a little upset when the DVR stopped recording early last night leaving us hanging on the last addition to the top 24.  My mom claims that her next mission is to get me watching the new Survivor, but I am holding my ground.

Other shows I have started watching regularly since moving home: Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Law and Order (any variety), Cold Case Files, Without a Trace, CSI:.  When I start having my peaches before bedtime then I think we will have to start to worry!