Can I just start this by saying what weird weather we are having!!  It was about 85°F here over the weekend (so I heard, more on that later) and now it is literally 45°F and the wind is blowing at about 15-20 miles sustained, which would make the windchill, hold on a quick look up on the windchill index….somewhere between 32-34°F – that’s ridiculous!!  I would get more concrete figures, but the folks at the Riverside airport apparently don’t think that it’s always necessary to record the temperature for the National Weather Service — NWS, if you’d like to put a Automated Surface Observing System in our backyard please email me. 

So, I am a little bored today – I only have one class on Thursday mornings, Statistics, and we had a test which meant I got to leave once I was done.  Knowing that our cleaning lady housekeeper was here today, but also realizing that I forgot to pack my laptop and take it with me I opted to drive home rather than go to the library.  I stopped for lunch and then drove around for a while before I came home; she was still here when I got home.  She was actually in the process of vacuuming my room.  So, I went out back and checked on the pool – we’ve been having a problem where we think it either has a leak or a broken valve, but I digress – I even skimmed and brushed the pool, that wasted about 45 minutes.  She’s still here, but she is done with my room; I’m hiding out in here to stay out of her way.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be watched while I work – the whole someone standing over your shoulder thing just doesn’t appeal to me – so, I hate being home while she’s here.  I just end up feeling like I might be in the way or she might think that I’m checking up on her work.  This just made be think of a funny quip the Jungle kids at the Park used when someone would complain about the bad jokes or whatnot, “I don’t come to your work and tell you how to flip burgers.”  Horrible, I know, but that’s why I don’t like being here and the house reeks of Ammonia-D and other cleaning products right now!

Oh, so more on the weekend; I started by saying that I heard it was 85°F over the weekend – that’s because I wasn’t here, we went to fabulous Las Vegas.  Gil, Romayne, Andrew and I loaded up the car Saturday morning and headed for the desert.  We stayed at the Paris Hotel and Casino, one of the Harrah’s properties.  I had never stayed at the Paris and I thought that it was pretty nice.  The room was a decent size and the bathroom was well-sized and had a separate shower and tub, not something you see too often in a hotel.  We visited Las Vegas to meet up with Jan, one of Gil’s sisters, who was there with her husband who was attending a conference earlier in the week.  Long story short, people (relatives) kept arriving from other parts and there were 11 of us by the end of the weekend.  It was a fun time!  As usual I didn’t get to see everything that I would have liked to, but I did squeeze in on ride on the monorail and got to see the Fremont Street Experience downtown.  A few thoughts on that, it was probably cool when it was first installed in 2004, but a LED screen doesn’t have quite the same punch now as it did then.  It could have just been the particular show too, but I wasn’t thrilled.  But, by all means, go see it once, maybe it will be better for you or maybe you have to be significantly inebriated.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! – to those of you that celebrate.