So as most of you know it’s been raining here in Southern California and we have been on “StormWatch,” “StormTrack” Google Earth with WXor whatever else the news you watch may be calling it.  As most of you also know I am a big nerd when it comes to certain things and the weather is one of those things…it doesn’t help all of you that I took a Meteorology class last semester.  Now, being the huge nerd that I am, I like to get my weather straight from the source – no, unfortunately, God doesn’t tell me when it’s going to rain (He tells Haley) – I mean the National Weather Service.  Afterall, that’s who the TV meteorologists get it from anyway, so I was checking out the NWS site last night and reading up on the current weather conditions and then looking at the Radar images when I stumbled upon a gold mine!  The NWS offers a version of the Doppler Radar images that feed directly into Google Earth and automatically update!  I added the current weather conditions in, courtesy, and now I am in weather junkie heaven!!!  In conclusion, I ♥ Google and the NWS!