Arrgh! Socks Okay, so yeah, I haven’t blogged in a while…if you can call three months a while.  Anyway, I was challenged the week before last to restart in a round about way.  I was taking a winter intersession class to finish my American History requirement for transfer.  The class was eight days straight through – Reconstruction to Present Day, it was intense.  There was a lady, she was older than me – probably late 30s – just to qualify the ‘lady,’ sitting kitty-corner from me and we got to talking on one of our lunch breaks.  Tracy is a Christian and this was her first class in college; she is getting her credential so that she can teach at her church’s high school when it opens in about four years.  She is also a writer and after I told her that I was majoring in Journalism she asked me what I was doing to keep up my writing.  I responded not much right now and explained that I blogged in the past, but had let it drop off.  I explained that it was weird that she mentioned that at this time because I was thinking about getting back into it with the resurgence in posts in ‘my’ blogosphere, but that there are times when I do not have anything to say.  She challenged me to keep writing, even if I don’t have anything or much to say – just to keep practicing the craft.  So, with that challenge I delve back into the blogging world.  Thanks, Tracy!

You are probably thinking at this point what’s with the pirate socks picture?  So, this past week I have been catching up on laundry (yea, you read that right: past week).  I still had some stuff stowed away in Kitchen size trash bags from when I moved back home; well, when I emptied one of those bags I hit the booty!  I haven’t counted but there are probably a couple of dozen pair there – to think I used to wear those everyday!!  Ha!