So, it’s nearly 21.15 and I’m still sitting in my office at work. Not that I mind though…for those of you who don’t know I just moved to a new office this week. It’s fantastic, amazing, superb. I had been working in what was essentially a fishbowl. No, not a real one, it just felt like that. The area I worked in before was a common reception area in the Student Life department, which was fine when I worked here part-time and was only in two or three days a week. When I started full-time back in March there was no real place to put me so I hung out where I was at for the time being. But back to my new office…I love it! It’s not huge or anything, actually it doesn’t even have a window and the A/C’s not altogether working right now, but it’s all mine…I picked the color for the paint and painted it myself earlier this week. It’s kinda a bluish-greenish kind of color, I’m not really sure what color it is, other people tell me it looks blue, but I see green. (I hope I’m not going color blind.) Anyway, I have a couch and a TV and a new Mac G5 on a separate desk. Hmmm, how bout a picture, OK, here ya go! Which brings me back to why I’m here at 21.15 on a Friday night, other than the fact I have no life and summer TV sucks, I had been figuring out a way to get content off of the HardDisk Recorder (think Tivo for Pros)in the Main Auditorium. Well, I finally figured it out and now I just waiting for two hours of video footage to transfer over to my new Mac for editing. So, while waiting for this thing to transfer I started looking into blogging again. I had installed MovableType(MT) on my server a while ago, back when Blair started his blog. I had made an attempt at blogging before, but it only lasted six entries. So back in April or whenever it was and Blair started blogging I reconsidered it and installed MT, but got frustrated with CSS, then Kurt started a daily blog. So while I was sitting here waiting for this ginormous file to copy I thought I’d give it another shot. So, I found a premade Stylesheet that I liked, tweaked it a little and here we are. Well, here you are reading a boring recount of my evening. Thus endeth my first (sort of) blog entry. Stay tuned, there is much more fun and excitment to come!