It has now been three weeks since school started and still going strong!  Classes are starting to ramp up now and first exams are only a couple of weeks away in most classes.  I must say that it was awfully difficult to get up on Tuesday after the long weekend, but that probably would have held true if I was working still too.

Most interesting class, so far: Human Nutrition – today we learned all about digestion – it is fascinating how our bodies work and break down food into energy!  Most surprising: English – I love English (well, the mechanics of the language), but I normally hate taking it because I get sick of writing essays!  So far, my instructor seems very good and it looks like we will be focusing more on the process of writing than on just writing to write – more looking at what you have to say before you write it.  Most fun, of course: Photography – thank goodness this is required for my major! It makes my Monday and Wednesday afternoons fly by and the principles that we are learning can of course be applied to videography as well, so that is a bonus.  Once I get some prints made, I’ll post them up here.  Prints?  So weird to say in this world of digital photography – yes, we are learning it the old school way – we only have to tray develop once though, just to learn how.

I met with a counselor last week and she had great news: I am on track for graduation in Spring and transfer by Fall!  She even recommended some of the same classes that I was thinking about taking; it was a good feeling to be on the same page and to confirm that I was on track.  Now, I just need to figure out where I want to transfer to – I’ve started a list and am open to suggestions, so let me know if you think of any good schools for Journalism majors.

I’ve still been taking the train everyday, which is wonderful!!  It gives me time to get some homework done or catch up on email.  I’ve figured out how to connect to the internet through my phone, so I can surf the web or respond to email while cruising along the rails.  That should make my email response time a lot faster to most everyone – thanks for your patience if you email and I don’t get back to you right away!