Normally at this time of year my work schedule would be picking up – working for Disney has the advantage of taking it easy for about 8 months out of the year, but then working your butt off for 4 months.  Well, I’ve had a lot of free time recently – the important news upfront – I’ve separated from the Walt Disney Company again.  This time wasn’t as voluntary as last time, but I think that this is a blessing in disguise.  Here at Allergan, the summer is our slow time and I am looking forward to the free nights over the summer and all of the opportunities that are out there for me.  So, with that said, what have I been up to during all of my newly found free time?

Drew and Me at his graduationThis past week I have spent in Riverside at my mom’s house. I went out there Friday night, 15 June.  Andrew, my step-brother, graduated from the University of California, Riverside on 16 June with his baccalaureate degree in Comparative Ancient Civilizations.  I can’t say how very proud of him I am for finishing.  I know that he will make a great instructor because he truly has a passion for the subject matter and that’s really the key to being a good educator.  As part of the graduation celebration, Andrew’s grandma was here from New York, affectionately referred to as “Nans.”  As an added special surprise his cousin, Cristin, came too.  After graduation we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, it was delicious as usual, though we were saving our appetites for dinner at Duane’s at the Mission Inn.  Duane’s was amazing!!

After hanging out at mom’s for the weekend, I decided to stay the whole week.  It was a lot of late night staying up with Andrew and Cristin playing games, watching movies, etc.  On Wednesday night we went to the Disneyland Resort.  Cristin had never been to Disneyland before.  We were able to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure and Pirates of the Caribbean before heading over to Disney’s California Adventure to ride California Screamin’.  After that and a quick walk by of Disney’s Electric Parade we made our way across the esplanade back to the original Magic Kingdom and watched Remember…Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular.  As a former cast member, a visit would not be complete without saying hello to some friends who were operating the Disneyland Monorail.  A quick visit to the Mad Hatter and The Emporium for some souvenirs then back to the homestead.  Though a very tiring week, it was a lot of fun!!