Ok, so I just ended a marathon twelve day run at work. Billy was working at a Willow Creek conference in Germany, so that left me to my own devices for ten days. At the end of twelve straight days at work I was tired and ready for some time off, but I also felt a great sense of satisfaction – I got a lot of stuff done in twelve days. So, where to start: Let’s start with our new database system, Blair and I have been working on getting this new system since last summer when we took our first meeting with our sales rep and this last week we just finished six days of training on FellowshipOne. The new system is web-based so it can be accessed from almost anywhere. It also offers secured event check-in, which is especially good for children’s events. There is a whole host of other features that it offers, too numerous to mention here. In preparation for the FellowshipOne we ordered a new high-speed fibre optic internet connection from Verizon called FiOS. That was less than an easy task. First, Verizon told us it couldn’t be installed and cancelled our order; then a Site Survey Engineer told us that it could only be installed through a building that is being torn down. We agreed to that knowing that it will eventually have to be rerouted. So the next day an entire dig crew came out an attempted to install a brand new FTTP in a fifty year old conduit. After spending about four hours attempting to clear the conduit of debris they gave up. Fortunately, they were able to deliver the fibre aerially and ran 1000 feet of fibre to our building, I’m told that’s there longest installation to date. In any event, it is now up and working and delivering screaming download speeds of 15 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 Mbps. Sometimes the pages load before you can lift your finger of the enter key.

On top of everything else, this happened to be the week that our Drama Group was presenting their seasonal comedy show. That took me into rehearsals on both Monday and Tuesday night that lasted ’til after 9 each night after being at work at 7:30 a.m. for training. The show this year was a lot more technically challenging than last year – there were video cues, PowerPoint cues, sound cues and light cues. Normally, Billy and I handle this show by ourselves, we had scheduled a sound tech so I wasn’t worried about that part – but with easily twice as many video and light cues it became pretty obvious that I couldn’t do it on my own. I called in Kurt and Becky to help out. The technical crew did great! The show was on Friday and Saturday night with a Sunday matinee with the regular weekend services it made for a busy weekend.

Now I’m just finishing up a lovely two days off. Oh, and Billy had an amazing time in Germany and was really blessed by the opportunity!