Ok, I know it’s been a long while since I’ve updated…so, I thought that I would ease back into it with a random easy entry. I was listening to NPR over the weekend, (Yes! I listen to NPR and yes, I know I’m a nerd!) so anywho, on Weekend America they were talking about this new website, futureme.org. The site allows you to simply enter an e-mail to yourself for delivery at a later date. You enter your e-mail address, subject and the text of your message and then choose a date in the future for the message to be delivered – the date can be tomorrow or up to the year 2036. After hearing this I was immediately intrigued and visited the site. It’s kind of omnious, thinking about what to say to yourself in the future. So rather than writing one to myself just yet, I decided to puruse some that other people have already written to their future-self that they have decided to make available to the public. Some of these are real funny. Like this one:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully you still don’t have this crappy email account. Well it’s almost 2028 then? Any floating cars yet?

Some of them are more abstract like this one:

did you settle? Sincerely, younger you

So, what will you say to the future you?