This past weekend was marked with visits from the four corners of the globe. Ok, well maybe not the four corners, but places near and far. On Friday night Blair invited me to join him, the rest of the Farley family and Mr. Cooke for dinner with the first set of out-of-towners, Melissa and Rob. Melissa is Sharon’s stepdaughter’s daughter, I guess that would be her step-granddaughter. Melissa was visiting the Pacific Coast with her husband Rob. Melissa and Rob are were married on Sept. 10 in Indiana and were honeymooning on a cruise off of the California and Mexican coast. After the cruise they stopped on their way back to the Hoosier state for dinner with us. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Buca di Beppo’s at Bella Terra.

As we were finishing our meal with them, Kurt’s parents, Ken and Rita, were just arriving into the Southern California area from Las Vegas via San Francisco. Ken had a training for work up in Northern California and since Monday was Kurt’s birthday they decided to swing down to SoCal for a quick visit. They were also joined by Kurt’s sister Bekah who arrived via jet plane. So, Kurt left dinner slightly earlier to meet up with them.

On Saturday, after an all too long church service we all (Sharon, Ken, Rita, Bekah, Blair, Christie, Sally, Kurt, Becky, ohh and me.) went to J-Tokyo for dinner and to celebrate Kurt’s birthday. J-Tokyo is a teppan style eatery; it was yummy and we got ice cream!

On Sunday, my mom called me much much too early in the morning to let me know that her long-time friend Tammy was in town from Northern California and that she wanted me to come out to her house that evening. So after church and lunch, I stopped by the bank for a gas loan and then over to the station to fill-up for the trek to Riverside. We had pizza for dinner and I toured the job site for the new pool to see the progress. On Monday they came out and poured in the PebbleTec finish; that was fun to watch. It goes in like a thick blue liquid then they scrap it like concrete and you can see the pebbles. We went to Target for some Halloween supplies and other things.

Tuesday, I had a dinner get-together scheduled with my friends, Margaret and Jeremy, both of whom I worked with at the park. We decided to go to the Park for dinner which was cool because I hadn’t been there since May and hadn’t been on the new Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters or on seen the enhancement on the Jungle Cruise. Space Mountain was great I think that it is a lot darker inside and that makes it seem faster and we got to go through FastPass since we knew someone at the entrance (membership has its benefits). AstroBlasters was cool too, though I’m not sure I could at all tell you what the story of the ride is since I was so busy trying to shoot things with the laser gun you get. Here’s the picture of me and Margaret and our scores. Jungle Cruise was cool too, the new effects are neat, but may be better seen in the daytime – though I couldn’t tell you the last time I was on that in the daytime.

Ok, that’s all for now…I’ll try to be better about updating. Ohh, quick pool update since the PebbleTec was put in the pool was nearly full Wednesday eve at about 6:30.