OK, so I haven’t updated again in a while…I have been busy. School has started up again. As I think that I mentioned before, I am taking two classes this semester at Fullerton: Intermediate Algebra and Writing and Reporting News. Both classes are going well so far. For Algebra I am taking the same instructor that I had over summer session, she’s a good instructor and I like that we get to do our homework online. The Journalism class is starting a little slow for only meeting once a week, but that’s OK, we get plenty of homework…we take a quiz every week on stories in the OC Register and have to read it everyday; I’ve subscribed. Other than school been busy at work. Billy was out of the office last week at camp, so I was left to my own devices. Tomorrow and over the next week it is moving time for everyone else. If you remember I moved to my new office earlier this summer, now it’s time for Blair to move up to Head Office. To make room for Blair and a new conference space, Billy is moving to a slightly smaller office down the hall. All that taking place would be enough, but we are also renting a dumpster and doing some late summer cleaning…the busyiness continues.

After not really enjoying any of the summer TV offerings this year I rediscovered one of my favourite TV networks: HGTV – Home and Garden Television. I’ll pretty much watch anything on that network, I really love it all. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that I think that it has spoiled me to ever buying a previously owned home without heavily modifing it! One show in particular that I love is “Divine Design with Candice Olson.” (Yeah, I know she’s Candian, like Peter Jennings.) She really does do great stuff…it’s just too bad they only work in Toronto. Ok, other than HGTV, my DVR has been recording the latest celeb-reality show, “Kathy Griffin, My Life of the D-List.” Blair turned me on to this show, like he does so many, and I have been loving every minute of it.

One last thing before I go, Mom send some new pictures of the progress of the pool. I finally created her a gallery of her own so it includes all of her photos here. Now, Mom, you just need to start uploading on your own.