Ok, so I haven’t updated in a week…I’m sorry…now build a bridge and get over it.
So on to the update.

Not too much to report in the last week. So we’ll pick it up at the weekend. Friday was my day off so I ran some errands and spent some time at Sam’s Club. After a short nap I pinged Becky to see if I could join her and Kurt for dinner. Of course, that was fine so I met them over at her house. Kurt had picked up his wedding ring from the jeweler but, had left it at his office. So, we were off to Fullerton to pick it up. After making the trip all the way up to Fullerton we decided that we wanted to eat dinner up there and eat somewhere uniquely North Orange County. We drove around for a while and then wandered into Brea.
We drove through and around Brea for a little while but didn’t find anything unique. Finally, we stumbled upon a Bobby McGee’s. I had never been to a Bobby McGee’s before, at least that I can remember, it was an interesting experience. We were served by “Lobo the 80’s Guy,” umm yeah. So, I guess people go for the atmosphere and the drinksbecause the service in the restaurant are left something to be desired, I think all told it took about a half hour to settle our bill.

Saturday was pretty normal. Slept in and did some cleaning around the house then it was off to work. Not too much to report. After service went over to Sharon and Becky’s we ordered pizza and watched Fried Green Tomatoes.

Sunday I woke up feeling not so well. I contemplated not going to work, but did anyway…still not sure if that was the right choice, it was one of those days that I wished that I had called in. After work despite not feeling well we all congregated over a Sharon’s for lunch. I can’t remember what we had and I’m pretty sure that I feel asleep on the living room chair almost immediately after lunch. Apologies to those who were there…I don’t really remeber much of the day after we got there. I think that I finally woke up around 6ish watched some TV and then went home around 8. I was starting to get a migraine so I took some Ibuprofen and went to bed.

This morning I woke up and was getting ready to go into the office and decided against it, so I emailed in sick and went back to bed. Other than making lunch I stayed in bed most of the day. Today was also the first day of school so I had to go. This afternoon when I woke up to go I was beginning to feel a little better which was nice. So I headed up to Fullerton for my math class. Now I just blogging and catching up on episodes of Family Guy on the DVR. I still feel stuffy and congested though.

Finally, I posted this post using ecto available at http://ecto.kung-foo.tv/. Thanks to Blair for turning me on to this little gem.