Last night I went for a walk down to the beach and back, so here are some random thoughts from my walk:

Be careful of Spiderwebs.
Yes, I walked right into one, it was disgusting. It was strung up across the sidewalk attached to a light standard and some bushes. I’ll walk on the street-side of the light standards from now on.
I like the look of the power plant at night.
I know that the South East Huntington Beach Neighborhood Association would disagree with me, but I like the way the power plant looks at night. I agree with them regarding their pollution concerns. I just don’t see the power plant as a blight, maybe because it’s been here all my life and I have gotten used to it.
Make sure my CD player batteries are fresh.
A little more than half-way through my walk the batteries on my CD player died. The horror! So I had to complete my walk with no rhythm, no beat, it was horrible.

Finally, our friends from Space did not come home this morning due to bad weather at the Kennedy Space Center…well, at least that’s what the news is saying…I was watching NASA TV this morning for both waive off’s and they said the weather was actually fine for landing, but they were concerned about the stability of the conditions. So, come hell or high-water the shuttle will land tomorrow morning, there are six landing opportunities. Two at the Kennedy Space Center, two at White Sands Space Harbor, and two at Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base. Weather conditions right now look best for a landing at Edwards Air Force Base…unfortunately, the base will not be opened to the public, so no driving up and seeing the shuttle this time. Again, I wish the crew a very safe trip home.