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Fox News Gains Some Respect…

…only an infinitesimal amount, but some.  I was looking for an Associated Press story to cite for my research paper and they were the only people I could find who had run it.  Don’t get too excited I’m not watching their station and I still feel a little dirty for having to put their website […]

I’m in Term Paper h***!

I am just taking a quick moment to say hello to everyone…so, “hello!”  And let you all know that I’ve locked myself in to finish my three term papers.  Yeah, you read write three!!  And apparently my instructors are all of the school of though that if they scheduled them early it wouldn’t interfere with […]

Full Service?

See I still apparently know how to work this thing.  I like to keep everyone guessing as to when the next post will be and since more than one person has asked for an update I thought it time.  Something light and easy to jump back into the waters: Last Monday at lunch time I […]