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How well does media inform me?

That was the topic for an essay that I had to write in English a couple of weeks ago.  I do not normally post my scholastic work here, but this was a topic that I felt pretty strongly about.  So, for your enjoyment (or non):          As a journalism major, the question of how well […]

Help!!! I’ve been sucked in!

Those of you that know me well will know that when the water cooler or other idle chit-chat has turned to American Idol I have bowed out of the conversation.  I’ve actually taken it as a personal point of pride and would say that I was the only American left that hadn’t watched the show.  […]


Can I just start this by saying what weird weather we are having!!  It was about 85°F here over the weekend (so I heard, more on that later) and now it is literally 45°F and the wind is blowing at about 15-20 miles sustained, which would make the windchill, hold on a quick look up on the windchill […]