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This Week with John Bayhi

Ok, so I haven’t updated in a week…I’m sorry…now build a bridge and get over it. So on to the update. Not too much to report in the last week. So we’ll pick it up at the weekend. Friday was my day off so I ran some errands and spent some time at Sam’s Club. […]

Mexican Food, Broken Laptop and a New Pool

No entry for four whole days, sorry dear readers, so let’s dive in…Tuesday we headed out for lunch to the best Mexican food restaurant this side of the border: Los Sanchez. It’s kind of a far drive just for lunch so it’s always a special treat. Blair, Billy, Becky and I first went by Blair’s […]

Things Learned On A Walk

Last night I went for a walk down to the beach and back, so here are some random thoughts from my walk: Be careful of Spiderwebs. Yes, I walked right into one, it was disgusting. It was strung up across the sidewalk attached to a light standard and some bushes. I’ll walk on the street-side […]