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My Current Obsession

So as most of you know it’s been raining here in Southern California and we have been on “StormWatch,” “StormTrack” or whatever else the news you watch may be calling it.  As most of you also know I am a big nerd when it comes to certain things and the weather is one of those […]

From the ‘Oddly Enough’ file…

As a journalism major, I may be betraying my future career and co-workers a little, but I love the ‘Oddly Enough’ pieces in the news.  Yes, by defintion things that are unusual or out-of-the-ordinary are news, but these are normally not as heavily reported on or in the case of TV news only aired ‘time-permitting’ […]

Challenger 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago today five men and two women gave there lives for space travel in STS-51L, more commonly known as the final Challenger flight. As we take time to reflect on that disaster I simply leave you with the words of Francis “Dick” Scobee, mission commander, from a note found in his briefcase after […]