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Another Four Years Pass

By the time you read this the Beijing Olympics’ Opening Ceremony will have already started, and depending on when you read this they may already be over, but here in the U.S. we will not see the Opening Ceremony, scheduled for 8:08 PM local time in Beijing (GMT +8), for another 12-15 hours. None the less, […]


I found this cool new earthquake map, so I thought I would share with everyone, from CalTech, the ShakeMovie… It shows the waves leaving the epicenter to points beyond…you can visit CalTech ShakeMovie for more.

Billboards as News? or Only in California?

We have the reputation here in California for loving our cars…doing everything in our cars; we even had one of the first drive-thru’s.  So this should probably be no surprise, but as I was driving to school this morning I was surprised when the recently installed digital billboard alongside the 91 displayed the results of […]