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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

I have finally taken the time to move all of my pictures from old server and moved them to the gallery here on this site.  Thus, the new ‘Random Snap’ box to the right.  The captions are not quite up to speed on all of the photos and I am not happy with the design […]

A New Look

As I’m sure that you have noticed the blog portion of the site has undergone a signifigant redesign. I hope that you like it. If not, too bad. I’m kidding your comments and thoughts are appreciated. You can email them directly to me or post a comment below. In the midst of this redesign I […]

A Programming Note

Just a quick blurb to apologize for not being cross-compatible for a few days. After I had updated the site fixing the commenting issues it was brought to my attention that the commenting feature was still not working with Mozilla’s Firefox. This was an unfortunate configuration issue. The MovableType configuration allows you to use variables […]